ImmunoTracker is a concept conceived for the UAE GovHack using blockchain-based technology to create secure yet shareable immunization records.Vaccines save millions of lives each year and effective vaccination programs not only reduce morbidity and mortality: they promote national economic growth and decrease poverty. However, current vaccination records are difficult to maintain, easy to counterfeit and often lost or misplaced.

ImmunoTracker provides a smart alternative to paper immunization records across Android and iOS devices and our platform allows doctors and authorized parties to edit and access these records securely and in real time via our API integration with Electronic Medical Records. The app allows individuals to securely store and manage their vaccination records, access the latest vaccination schedules based on their home location, and receive appointment reminders. Additional features include real-time alerts on local outbreaks and access to expert-approved information on vaccinations for children, adults and travellers. The app helps ensure citizens stay informed and up-to-date on their vaccinations and provides medical professionals and authorities to both share and access important immunization data in real-time without any compromise of personal privacy.

This project is currently in the development phase and actively exploring market validation and potential partnerships. For more information, please contact the team at